Husband, Father, Optimizer & Marketer

Skills & Specialty

My Focus Areas

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A/B split-testing, qualitative research, quantitative research, experimentation prioritization, ideation, wireframes and marketing psychology.

SEO & Content Marketing

A good mix of crawling, indexation, topic research, link building and search visibility come into play. From technical tactics to sharp creativity.

UX Research & Auditing

Usability study planning, surveys, polls and in-person interviews. A couple of methods to help feed my CRO experimentation program.

Product & Web Analytics

Measurement and tracking implementation based on the AARRR pirate metric framework. Here I enable brands to measure product success.

Growth Hacking & Strategy

Buyer persona research, segmentation planning, digital strategy, marketing channel selection, picking metrics and setting targets.

Team Player & Good Communicator

The above skills and tactics can only really work if you are a team player. I work exceptionally well with other team members in a team setup.

Split-testing & CRO

Growth through experimentation

  • Test duration and picking marketing objectives
  • Validity threats on test success
  • Prioritizing tests (framework)
  • Planning and handover document
  • Case studies: winning & failed tests

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SEO & Content Marketing

Growth through search visibility

  • Technical auditing & QA
  • Planning for content success
  • Site migration planning
  • Case studies: successful campaigns

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Usability Studies

Growth through UX research

  • Planning a usability study
  • Conducting a usability study
  • Analyzing user feedback
  • Case study: taking action

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Some Positive Feedback



Brendin du Plessis

UX Lead

I think that Wiehan is not just an asset to a company but an absolute MUST HAVE. We all know that there are 2 different types of people. Talkers and Doers, and make no mistake, despite the regular chats, Wiehan is definitely a doer. Always informing me about new articles and the latest hip SaaS platforms or even his new breakthrough method to potentially achieve greatness!


Alisha Schenk

Marketing Executive & Co-ordinator

He is very much the epitome of not just working fast, but working clever. His expertise in organic content, analysing data, user experience, optimization and pin-pointing focus areas adds immense value to any organisation. Above all, he is a pleasure to work with and will always cease the opportunity to teach, mentor and share his knowledge.


Sarah Stoffer

Senior Designer

Wiehan is such a pleasure to work with. Extremely conscientious and always pushing for the best possible output. Very meticulous in what he does and is easy to communicate with. Continuously on top of the trends and always keen to implement new strategies. Very approachable person who loves to solve problems and does so in a very logistical approach.


Wisani Shilumani

Software Developer

Working with Wiehan on Go2Africa has been a great learning and inspiring journey. His level of knowledge and care for his work were clear from the get go. He is an innovative thinker who works well with teams. As marketing specialist and developer, we’ve worked on some creative and unique solutions for web analytics that I didn’t believe possible.


Devon Bezuidenhout

Digital Producer

I was fortunate enough to have worked with Wiehan, although it was only for a brief three months. He has always shown an enthusiasm and passion for technology like no other. He is a pro-active marketing professional with an innate passion for digital marketing. An asset to any company he works for.


Terry Bourquin

Marketing Manager - Electrosonic

Love working with a specialist wo is SO extremely passionate. After getting stuck with Google Analytics and AdWords, I thought to approach Wiehan who assisted with our Electrosonic SA website audit in 2015. He obviously made a big impression back then, as I was reminded how he gladly shared his knowledge with me, instead of just “fixing” behind the scenes.